Serious play time

Today was great. We got up, ran a few errands to pick up a couple last minute things at the Central market and spent most of the day with the kids at PE2. They were so glad to see us. We brought the puffy paint today and the kids got their new bags out to decorate. I helped out a lot and we spent a few hours just sitting in the middle of the floor drawing and painting together. Next we went outside and played a game that I'm still not sure I fully understand, but it was really fun none the less. The game is a mix between London Bridges and Tug-o-war. Not sure how the winner is decided but that didn't seem important. We all laughed really hard and had a great time. We played with the chickens a bit and snacked on some freshly picked mangos, rice cakes, and popcorn. Towards the end of our visit, they wanted to do the Electric Cha Cha a few more times before the rain broke. It rained pretty hard for at least 30 minutes so I hooked up my iPad to some computer speakers and we all sat on the front porch listening to music, talking and playing board games. They don't have much opportunity to listen to music so they really soaked it in. I introduced them to Chris Tomlin, Tim Hughes, David Crowder and a few others. They knew a couple of the songs and we sang them together. I need to burn some CDs for them. The storm brought a cool breeze that felt really nice on this otherwise hot day.

Once again, Phay hunted me down when we arrived and stuck to me like glue. She drew with me, taught me the games we played and was by my side the whole time. While we were sitting on the porch, she sat in front of me and held my hands. I keep thinking how much my kids would love playing with her; hopefully someday. As much as I have fully enjoyed spending time with every child, she will be the hardest for me to say good bye to tomorrow. She has made me feel like part of the family and it's so cool that the little girl we have been praying for by name for years chose to latch on to me. All of the children have been so amazing and respectful and fun to play with. From the moment I set foot at PE2 I knew I was with my church family.

I was barely able to keep it together when we left today. Tomorrow could be ugly as I'm getting teary-eyed just writing this post.

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