Coke, Cha Cha and Origami

At 2:00 we went to Prek Eng 2 to hang with the kids. We arrived just after they were finished with lunch, perfect timing. First thing I did was pull out the ream of white printer paper we bought yesterday. Within 15 minutes there were 23 kids learning how to make paper cranes. Thankfully, John, Jackie and Teddy helped out. It was a surreal moment when I realized that I was teaching a group of Asian kids how to fold origami. We had fun.

As is the norm, Cambodian hospitality kicked in when Sopal brought out the home made banana chips and popcorn. We washed it down with a cold Coke. It was a hot one today.

Teddy had the idea of teaching the kids the Cha Cha Slide but none of us had it on our devices. So I sent an email to my buddy Dave Stoll and he hooked me up. We plugged my iPad into their speaker system and we all went outside to teach them a new dance. Having never done it myself, I was learning right along with them. The kids picked it up fast and there was a lot of laughter...mostly due to the fact that a buch of white people were trying to teach them to dance. It was pretty funny.

We played games out in the courtyard after dancing until it was time to leave so they could prepare for dinner. I love these kids; they are so very special. Danet, Phay, Sokine, and Rosa keep hooking me up with hand made bracelets; some for me, and some for the family. I have a huge pile of them to bring home, along with drawings and pictures they keep giving me. They love to draw and they love to give drawings as gifts.

I was looking for something to bring home as a daily reminder of the kids at PE2. I found a beautiful silver ring at the Russian Market and it fits perfectly. I'll never forget this trip and I really hope to come back soon, hopefully with my family.

Up next: Two more days with the kids before we head home.