Heaven and Hell

I need to watch the Killing Fields movie again. Now that I have visited Tuel Slang and the killing fields I think I will see it in a whole new light. I vaguely remember watching it with my mother when I was younger.

This trip to Cambodia has been an intertwined mix of seeing and experiencing both heaven and hell. Spending time with the kids has been the closest to heaven I have ever experienced and visiting these genocide museums are reminders of hell on earth.

The Killing Fields Memorial is an audio guided tour of the largest mass graves found after the Khmer Rouge was defeated. Prisoners from Tuel Sleng were sent to this area by the truckload to be murdered and piled on top of each other into mass graves. At times, over 300 people per day.

During 3 years and 8 months, 3 million of Cambodia's 8 million people were savagely murdered by this regime. Still today, when you walk along the dirt paths you will find bone fragments, teeth, and articles of clothing unearthed by the rain. In the center of the field is a tall tower with 17 levels of skulls along with shreds of fabric enshrined in a monument to the dead. It was sobering indeed.

We are now headed to see the kids at Prek Eng 2 for the rest of the day. Teddy grabbed Cokes for the kids. I bought a ream of white paper so we could draw and do origami. Nothing like visiting heaven and hell on the same day.