Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to some commonly asked questions. As always we are happy to answer any others you might have. If you have a general question you can send us an email. If you are interested in getting started or getting a quote on your project, please take a moment to fill out this short form and we'll get right back with you. 

Do you give out free estimates?

Yes. We love giving estimates as we hope it leads to new work. However, in order for us to put a proper proposal together we need to meet either in person or over the phone so we can understand your project enough to put a quote together. If you are interested in getting a project quoted please fill out this simple form and we will be in contact.

Do you do spec work?

No. Any successful project requires the full cooperation of the creative team and the client. Agencies who design concepts without going through the proper process in partnership with their client are doing a disservice to the client. Because they aren't assured of payment, these agencies are going to short-cut the process in order to "wow" the client by creating something as cheap as possible to potentially win the job. Not only are they not listening to their client, they are doing the least amount of work possible and selling it for full price. Unfortunately, clients are often impressed that the agency "went the extra mile" to design something for their pitch but they aren't seeing the full picture. Every client has their unique problem that needs to be solved. This problem can only be addressed through working through the creative process together.

What is your hourly rate?

Good question. We don't quote projects by the hour. Clients like to know what a project is going to cost up front so we quote by the project rather than by the hour. That way you are assured that we won't go over budget. We believe that hourly rates create a conflict of interest with our clients. It's to the client's benefit financially if the designer doesn't do due diligence and creates something quickly that is half thought-out and it's to the designer's benefit financially to make the project take as long as possible. Neither are good solutions. If you are interested in getting a project quoted please fill out this simple form and we will be in contact.

How much does a logo cost?

The best answer is: we don't know yet. We get this question A LOT and we liken it to calling a travel agent and asking what a vacation costs. Like the agent, we need more information before we can answer this question. But don't worry, typically a short meeting or phone call can give us what we need to put proposal together. If you are interested in getting a project quoted please fill out this simple form and we will be in contact.

I’m a startup company that is self funded. Do you have lower rates for small companies?

Due to our small size and low overhead our prices are already very competitive if you compare our work with other branding agencies. We have intentionally kept our overhead low so we can work with startup businesses. We believe the best work comes when we partner with business owners who are passionate about their product. This cannot typically be said for larger corporations. That said, our pricing is the same no matter what size the business we are working with. It seems the most fair that way.

My friend, relative, local student, designer created my logo and I’m frustrated because it's not working for me. Can you help?

Yes. We hear this all of the time (enough that it made the Frequently Asked Questions page :-). While we typically become friends with our clients in the process of working with them, we believe that a strategic partnership is essential to the successful outcome. Asking a friend or relative to design something sounds like a great way to save money at first but often turns frustrating. This is typically due to both parties' expectations not being met. They are rarely well-defined goals and due to budget restrictions, the designer doesn't go through the correct process to listen to the client and work to identify their unique problem. Your branding is a long-term investment in your company. Most times the cost of implementing your logo and branding on signage, packaging, garments, interior, website, etc. costs multiple times more than the brand design itself. We believe it's short-sighted to skimp on the brand and pay so much to implement it. If you do it right from the beginning you only have to pay for implementation once and you never have a second chance to make a first impression.

Are you a freelance designer?

No. Freelancers typically fit into two categories:

  1. Moonlighters have a full-time job and are open to taking small projects in the evenings and weekends.

  2. Nomads who travel from agency to agency working on short- to long-term contract projects for their clients' clients.

In either case, freelancers are typically unable to meet or take phone calls during the work day much less go on press-checks or work with other creative partners or vendors. At Slagle Design we work directly with our clients and give them top priority when it comes to our time and resources.

How long does a project usually take?

This depends on the scope of the project but most can be accomplished within a matter of a few weeks to a few months. If you have a deadline please share it with us and we'll be up front about whether or not we can meet your deadline.

Do you respond to open RFQs?

On occasion. As a rule we don't jump through the hoops of responding to open RFQs. It takes loads of time and resources that we'd rather be giving to our existing clients. However, if we are contacted directly and asked to respond to a closed RFQ, we are more open to it especially if the project seems to be a good fit for us and for the client.

I don’t want to go through your whole process. I have a logo idea already and I just don't know how to use the software. Can you design the logo that I have in my head?

No. We are really great logo designers but are horrible telepaths. In order to get to the right solution, we must go through a process of finding your unique problem. Design is a process and no matter how great an idea is in your head, if you haven't gone through the correct process, it’s probably not the right solution for your business. Besides that, design is not about knowing software.

Do you do projects on the cheap in order to get more work once my company is up and running and flooded with cash?

No. Our creative services are as valuable at the beginning of a business as they are later on, maybe even more valuable. It wouldn't be fair of us to discount our services to some clients and not to others. Good design and strong strategy is valuable to any startup.

Do you do work in exchange for company shares/ownership?

No. Design is an investment in your company be we are not investors. We offer the best creative solutions so you and your business can communicate as effectively as possible and we believe the only one who should benefit from your business' success is you.

How do you keep your prices so affordable?

We are able to offer very competitive pricing due to low overhead. We are uniquely positioned to offer medium to large agency-level work for a fraction of the cost while using senior-level creative talent through the entire process.


Are you hiring?

Sorry, we are not. We have stayed intentionally small. Very small. and it's where we are most happy and efficient.

Are you accepting interns or shadowing opportunities?

Unfortunately, we have put a hold on internships and shadowing opportunities due to the shear number of requests. We’d never find time to get anything done if we said “yes” to all who inquire! Being a small agency, even the best interns become enough of a distraction that it becomes a detriment to our productivity. Besides that, we have found that due to the fluctuation and nature of our of work flow, it’s difficult for us to guarantee that interns will get a good grasp of the design process and we would want you to have the best experience possible.

That being said, we are always willing to meet with students and designers to do portfolio reviews and give feedback. Please let us know if you want to set something up.