It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.  


Lots of our clients come to us with an existing logo and identity, but are ready for a refresh. Here are some of the redesigns that got them from there to here!





When Ryan and Amanda contacted us, they needed a new voice for their company as they were about to make fundamental changes to their business model and offerings. While, DIYers are a core part of their clientelle, they realized they also offered plug-and-play solutions for everyone, with better service and at a lower price than their competition. The new logo emphasizes attentiveness, companionship, and relational approach to home automation and security.

Think of us as your home’s best friend. Always there. Always aware. Always ready to help.

Tiffin University


“Thad and Jeremy were a pleasure to work with. Their respective talents provide a comprehensive marketing messaging approach and they are adaptable and flexible. They truly immerse themselves in their client’s organizational culture to find the messaging brand that most authentically represents that organization. I highly recommend them!”

–Dr. Lillian Schumacher, President of Tiffin University

Munch Rights

MUNCH RIGHTS_before-and-after.jpg
MUNCH RIGHTS_PACKAGING before-and-after.jpg

“10 out of 10! Jeremy and his team are a pleasure to work with. They provide very quick responses on requests and have amazed us with their creativity.”

–Lori Roberts, Customer Success Manager, Wyandot, Inc.

Cheryl’s Cookies

Cheryl’s Cookies contacted us to update the existing Cheryl’s script logo. The old logo was constructed from a “free font” that looked anything but custom. The letters didn’t connect properly, they were inconsistent and the overall logo had become so complicated that it really needed to be cleaned up and thoughtfully reconstructed. The goal was “evolution” and not a “revolution” as Cheryl’s plans to roll out the new logo over time as new products launch.

Backroom Coffee Roasters

“Slagle Design really helped take our brand to a more professional place! They were a joy to work with and we'll be back for more. We are very happy with our new logo and packaging.”

–Chris Bishop, CEO, Backroom Coffee Roasters

Chris Bishop started roasting in the backroom of his bicycle shop in Columbus, Ohio. His passion for coffee and the growth of his satisfied customer base soon outgrew the shop and it was time to give the roaster a life of its own. After selling the bike shop, Chris moved Backroom into a former airplane hangar to expand production space. Still part roaster and part maker-space, Backroom Coffee Roasters needed an updated brand that showcases their transition but still connected with their loyal customers.

Scholl's Landscape & Design

“Working with Slagle Design was an awesome experience. My company logo was in dire need of a facelift and I knew Slagle Design was the perfect fit. Many companies can pump out logos by the hundreds and it's hit or miss if that logo will truly represent the company it stands for. Jeremy took the time to deeply understand our company history as well as our vision and the message we wanted to project to current and future clients. He gave us the opportunity to meet with him and discuss every aspect of our business. From this he molded a clean cut, professional logo which can be utilized in endless advertising forms while keeping great consistency. We have plans of continuing a relationship with Jeremy and his company for all future graphic design & advertising needs.”

–Jordan Scholl, Owner

Yay Bikes!

“It always feels risky to entrust your identity to a design team, and so it was for Yay Bikes! to engage Slagle Design for our rebranding and bike corral redesign.

There’s no possible way they could successfully distill all of 'Us' into a simple visual design. Right? But this time? Sweet, sweet relief! They! got! it! They listened, and they translated what they heard into design elements more 'Us' than we knew possible.

Slagle Design gave Yay Bikes! a very rare, very special gift: a way to advance our mission through design that actually works to tell our story. We're so grateful for this process and its outcome!”

–Meredith Joy, Program Director, Yay Bikes!

OETC Conference

The Ohio Educational Technology Conference is the third-largest state educational technology conference in the nation. Each year, more than 5,000 educational technology professionals and enthusiasts come together to explore the forefront of P-20 learning and innovation in Ohio.

Their existing logo had run its course and they contacted us to come up with something new. The logo needed to show a statewide celebration of partnerships between technology companies, schools, colleges, and non-profits that has made Ohio a leading state in educational technology. The logo illustrates the conference, (which is based in Columbus) with concentric circles (illustrating the various partners) rippling across the state. Colors used are from the official state of Ohio branding guidelines to comply with state brand standards.

DoverPhila Federal Credit Union

What started as a request for a simpler app icon, turned into a full rebrand for the organization which extended into website, signage, outdoor, print and radio advertising, and mascot development. The new brand is friendly and engages with their community as more than just a place to do their banking. They exist for the financial benefit of their members and to provide a level of service that meets their members’ financial needs.

Park Street Pizza

"Our company was challenged with a need for a total rebrand. We reached out to Jeremy. Not only did he accept the challenge but wholeheartedly embraced it. He created a breathtaking logo, vision and voice. Jeremy reincarnated our former selves into a vital, relevant brand with a vivacious heartbeat."

–Rocky and Courtney Shanower, Owners, Park Street Pizza

Redpoint Provisions

"As a small business new start, we were searching for a designer who could do more than just develop our logo.  We wanted someone who believed in our vision and wanted to be part of our team.
Jeremy has been the perfect fit for us. From our very first meeting, Jeremy has taken the time to listen to our ideas and concerns, collaborate on options, and provide solutions drawn from his many years of experience.  His broad background from design, to photography, to printing, affords him the unique ability to guide a client through the maze of players involved in transitioning a product from a home based dream to a market ready product.  From branding our company to reviewing printer proofs, he has been there every step of the way.
Most importantly, Jeremy has gained our trust.  We know he truly has our best interests in mind and will work with us to grow our business no matter where it takes us.  He has definitely become an invaluable part of our team."

–Frank & Pattie Bis, Owners, Redpoint Provisions

Frank and Pattie Bis originally contacted us as "Summit Snack Factory." After doing some research we found that, aside from being already taken, the name didn't fit the product or the direction of their messaging, so we went back to the drawing board. We came back to them with "Redpoint Provisions" which fit their needs perfectly.

Seagull Bags


"We were faced with a very difficult challenge. We had to remake our entire image but have it line up with our existing product and reputation. I had thought that this was impossible, but after my first meeting with Jeremy I knew that he could do it. Jeremy was great to work with, and very creative. His proactive attitude was inspiring and helpful in getting the project done. The end result was miles beyond what I could have expected, and have received nothing but good reviews about it. It was probably the most beneficial investment I have made to date...that, and the hot tub full of champagne."

–Daniel McKewen, Owner, Seagull Bags

"Make it epic." These were the words from Seagull Bags owner Daniel McKewen during our creative kick-off session. Seagull's bags are custom designed for bicycle messengers and bag enthusiasts alike  who carry large heavy objects through urban traffic or for everyday commutes. They are designed to alleviate the weight, sit comfortably on your back, and help you get that package delivered in time. 

Luna Burger


"We're really excited about the logo and packaging Jeremy and Chris designed for us. They updated our logo in a way that captured our message simply and legibly with an able and elegant hand. And the designs of our individual packages are even more stunning; they completely convey our message in a way that makes the brand and the product shine through the art."

–Barbie Luna, Owner, Luna Burger

Megan and Barbie Luna are serious about plant-based foods. Vegan isn't just a way of eating, it's a way of living. It was essential that their new logo and packaging didn't mince words when it came to that fact. In our early meetings, they told us about the two things that they really wanted to keep from their existing logo: 1. They loved the plant and leaves, 2. They wanted to keep a moon shape. The burgundy red circle just wasn't saying "moon" to us so we made it even clearer. The final logo integrates the leaves in the letter forms and the half moon shows up in the "a" with it's own pop of color.



"Slagle Design transformed the look of our business from a start-up to a professional, established company with our personality and history shining through. I'm impressed by his work and so are our customers; we receive compliments all the time! Jeremy’s truly a genius at his craft!"

Since re-branding, moving to a new location and starting a retail line, our sales figures have increased pretty dramatically. We're quickly expanding, adding new team members and even looking for another space to continue to grow. Weekly, we are approached by potential wholesale customers that have heard about us or tried our product elsewhere. Word of mouth has been huge!

We've only received positive feedback regarding your work. Customers are noticing the details, right down to our aprons. Not only have customers said something about the brand & our space, but North Market management, other North Market merchants and even new hires have given us positive feedback.

–Brittany Baum, Owner, Brezel

Columbus Brewing Company

"We knew that we needed a new look for our beers, but we were not sure what direction to go. Jeremy helped us define what we wanted and then delivered even more. In the first 30 days of launching our new packaging we saw growth of over 50% and we have not slowed down in 6 years."

–Eric Bean, Brewmaster, Columbus Brewing Co.

The original Columbus Brewing Company logo was designed when it was opened in the late 1980s. Positioned as the "hometown" beer, we recognized that the name is the brand was buried in a complex logo mark that was created from visual elements in deferent time periods ranging from art deco, to art nouveau, to Victorian era etchings. Based in the German Village are, we decided to really play up the word "Columbus" while paying tribute to the European influence of Columbus' Brewing heritage.

Cedarville University Mascot

The old yellow Jacket was getting tired. Aside from the technical issues that came with printing and consistency it really looked like the same "bee, hornet, or wasp" employed by high schools and colleges around the country. It wasn't memorable and didn't represent the excellence and tradition for which Cedarville Athletics were known.

The Cedarville University Yellow Jackets have a time-honored athletic heritage whose teams routinely compete at a national level. As of the 2010-2011, the Yellow Jackets are moving up from NAIA to NCAA Div II, allowing them to compete at a higher level, bringing with it, more regional and national exposure.

The result was better than anticipated. After rounds of revisions and tweaks, working with feedback from the coaches, athletic director and communications department, a new mascot was born. Along with the mascot there are multiple custom type treatment and lockups. The new mascot can be easily reproduced from full-color to one-color applications. Go Jackets!

Portfolio Creative


"We could not be more pleased with the work that Jeremy has done for us. We gave him the challenge of re-designing our brand. As artists ourselves it was difficult to hand over the reigns of something so close to us. But Jeremy listened to exactly what we needed, took the time to understand our brand and produced work that far exceeded our expectations. We could not be more pleased with the results."

–Catherine Lang-Cline, Owner, Portfolio Creative Services