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From conferences to colleges, creative organizations to corporate events, we love partnering with organizations to share our knowledge and insight through engaging workshops and inspiring speaking presentations.


A hands-on, instructional workshop


Boom! Bam! Brush! Adobe Illustrator Workshop

An interactive workshop for Illustrators, Letterers, and Designers who want to add truly unique style to their work in Adobe Illustrator.

Our Custom Illustrator Brush Workshop is an in-person, hand’s-on class where you learn how to make unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-created textures and turn them into custom brushes. We also explore the many ways to use them in your work.

The content is drawn from what I learned while illustrating the children’s book Chin Up, Chinchilla. While there a million Photoshop brush workshops, I sought to create a unique style within the vector-based Adobe illustrator platform while still achieving a hand-drawn, analog style.

This three-hour presentation covers:

  • Getting our hands dirty! We supply paint, brushes and some unexpected drawing tools.

  • Ways to import your hand-made brushes. No laptop is required but you’re welcome to bring one and work alongside us.

  • How to take those digital assets and create various types of brushes in Adobe Illustrator.

  • How to use and integrate brushes in your work to create linework, texture and transparency.

  • Downloadable step-by-step reference guide that walks you through the process – so you can spend more time making, and less time taking notes

  • Downloadable demonstration files to pick apart and practice on

Learn more about this workshop here

An inspirational presentation

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Always in Tandem Keynote Talk

Ever wish you could align your business with clients who share the same values and goals?

5 years after starting my studio, I took a month-long international trip. Upon return, I saw my business with a clarity I hadn’t seen before. The pivot I made at that point changed the way we do business as a design studio as well as our approach to finding clients who best fit our culture and values. It helped us to define the real meaning of fulfilling creative work and how, when we do what is best for our clients, we can help them achieve their goals and find the same level of joy and fulfillment.

This one-hour presentation covers:

  • Discovering, developing and spreading joy through your everyday work and talents

  • Curating and connecting with a client base that resonates with your values and goals

  • Sharing your gifts to better your community

  • Loving people through your work

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An insightful, how-to workshop

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Self-publishing, Side Projects and Super Powers Workshop

Learn about how you can develop your own side projects or products as a secondary source of income or personal development.

This workshop uses our self-published children’s book Chin Up, Chinchilla as the case study for how we successfully crowd-funded a creative project on Kickstarter in under 5 days and how you can find creative side-projects that align with your unique self, natural talents, and world-changing goals.

This 1.5 to 2 hour workshop covers:

  • Looking within yourself to find the perfect side project

  • Lessons learned—the good and the bad

  • The importance of getting input from others and how to handle criticism

  • The value of partnering with someone who has similar goals

  • Setting realistic expectations and recognizing the true reason for beginning a side project

  • Worksheet and exercise to help attendees determine a unique, memorable and personal side project.

This workshop is best when given by Jeremy (illustrator) and Beth (Author) but can be given by either of us if constraints don’t allow.

Learn more about our book here

What people are saying

“If there’s one person I can count on to deliver great value to attendees, it’s Jeremy. Not just in his presentation, but how he talks with attendees before and after too. The way that Jeremy communicates with people, he manages to get beyond surface level information and go deeper into stories. He gives attendees valuable insights into how he’s built a great design business based on passion, love and faith. We have absolutely loved having Jeremy speak at our events and would strongly recommend he speak with your team or at your event.”

–Matt Vojacek, Founder & Director
of Making Midwest Conference

“3 hours was great! I would have loved another 3 hours! I really loved that you showed us your files in Illustrator and how you do certain techniques. It felt very vulnerable. I've never seen anyone's ‘behind the scenes’ like that on actual design files.”

–Erin O Donnell, Designer
Illustrator Workshop Attendee

“The workshop was well worth the price of admission. The content was very well explained and engaging. Three hours seemed like the right amount of time but I could have spent a couple of days absorbing the content. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the atmosphere.”

–Sean Reifenberg, Designer
Illustrator Workshop Attendee

“Regardless of your skillset or tenure of Illustrator experience, this class had everyone at some point lifting their jaws off the floor. The class was super comprehensive and walked through not only the usage but obstacles that arise with each of the brush settings. Jeremy is a natural teacher and nurturer with a pure intention of spreading his knowledge and helping others achieve their full potential. Bravo.”

–Joel Tracey, Designer
Illustrator Workshop Attendee

“I have had the privilege of seeing Jeremy speak on multiple occasions over the past few years. His talks are both entertaining and relatable, and I always leave feeling inspired. If you ever have the chance to see Jeremy give a talk or take his workshop, I highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity.”

–Matt Flick, Vice President
The Modern College of Design

“I wasn't sure what to expect, but I learned so much! I've been wanting to learn more about patterns and creating brushes for a while so I finally went for it and it was worth it! I'm glad I could learn these things early in my career so I can give my work more dimension and make it more interesting as I move forward.”

–Danielle Scott, Designer
Illustrator Workshop Attendee

“Jeremy is the kind of person that you want to hear. He is so relatable and down-to-earth that it's hard to believe that the amazing design that comes from his brain could be contained in such a humble package. Jeremy is an engaging speaker with just the right amount of humor. His talent is undeniable, and in a world of conferences and talks filled with fortune 500 brand chasers, his passion for small business design and branding development is refreshing. He shows you that if your work is focused and deliberate, you can apply the same principles of great design to any brand you're passionate about. Jeremy is a must-see, and would make a great addition to a conference or speaking lineup because he brings design principles from to the place they should be. The heart.”

–Brian Mercer, President
American Advertising Federation, Dayton