travel weary

Less than 2 hours before our plane touches down in Phnom Penh and we are all feeling the mixed emotions of stress, lack of sleep and the excitement of stepping off the plane to see our friends. It started out a bit stressful when our flight from Columbus into Atlanta arrived 2 hours late leaving us with only 20 minutes to race across the Atlanta airport. We were literally running through the airport at top speed dragging and carrying our bags. Ever try to run with a loaded backpack, guitar case in one hand and a suitcase in the other?  Not a pretty sight nor easy task! We were all sweaty messes with burning lungs when we arrived at our gate.  Becky was in tears when we found out that our flight to Seoul was running about 10 minutes late which allowed us to make this connecting flight.  Thank you God! 

Getting off the plane in Seoul, we went to retrieve Becky's carry-on suticase, only to find that it was not there. When boarding this flight, there was no room for her carry-on above our seats so the stewardess put it in an overhead bin closer to the front of the plane. By the time we got up there to get it, it was gone. It contains all of her clothes, new Birkenstock sandals which I got her for Christmas specifically for this trip, swimsuit, an MP3 player for the kids at PE2 and a couple hundred dollars worth of doterra oils. We are praying that whoever took it will return it to the airport and we will get it all back; but it seems unlikely. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers, as she deals with this.  She knows it's just stuff, but it doesn't make it easy, especially when you start calculating the cost of everything in your bag. We'll find some stuff for her at the market to wear once we arrive. 

Being awake for 30 hours straight is affecting Caleb as well. He threw up several times on the plane and is pretty miserable. That being said, both of the kids have been amazing!  After about 7 hours into our 15 hour flight to Seoul, Faith said, "Who would of thought I would get bored of tv!" This last 5 hour leg from Seoul to PNH has seemed like an eternity, especially with Caleb feeling so nauseas.

We will arrive around 10pm PNH time. Narun, Sopal and hopefully a couple of the kids will meet us there. I'm glad our kids will be plenty tired when we reach the guesthouse. We are hoping that they sleep in tomorrow morning before we head out to buy some clothes for Becky. We anticipate tomorrow being a low-key morning before we head out to hang with the kids after school in the afternoon and evening.

We can't wait to land.