Day One



We got to bed about midnight last night and slept in until about 10:30 this morning!  If you know our kids well, you know that they are early risers, so this is a little miracle for them. The kids had woken up a few minutes before 10:30, but Becky & I awoke to the sound of the doorbell and jumped out of bed to find Narun and Sopal standing outside. We had no idea they were coming. They wanted to take Becky to the market to help her buy some clothes since her luggage was missing; so very kind of them.

Update: Becky's bag was found in Atlanta and they are sending it to the PNH airport. Not sure when it will arrive but it keeps us from having to replace it all. Please pray that it gets here soon and with all contents intact.  Besides all of her clothes, it had an MP3 player for the kids at PE2. 

After hurriedly dressing, Narun & Sopal took us to the market where Becky bought two dresses and a few undergarments. I got a SIM card for the iPhone so we are all up and running. Faith is feeling pretty gross.  She actually walked out of the mobile store and promptly puked on the curb.  We think its a combination of lack of sleep and the intense heat. It is HOT...97 degrees and humid!  While we've been doing our best to get her to drink water, she hasn't eaten anything all day. 

We had lunch at a Pho restaurant. While Caleb and I loved it; Becky thought it was okay. The fish balls weren't her favorite, but hey at least she tried them.  Faith was feeling too gross to eat. 

At 3:00 Narun picked us up and we went to check out the new Prek Eng campus on the way to see the kids. The school on the campus is almost done. PE 2 has the second floor on it and is going to be so nice when it's completed. The kids are very excited to move in!

Becky, Caleb & Faith had their first opportunity to hang with the kids this evening and what a great time! Within minutes, the girls were doing Faith's hair and Becky was busy playing games.  Caleb gave them their new guitars and taught them "everything he knows".  He played some songs for them while they intently watched his fingers and then they played around.  After dinner with them we played soccer and a few other games outside.  Such a fun evening!!

Tomorrow evening, we will be heading back to PE2 for a dance party, dinner, and ice cream provided by our friends, family and clients.  We are really looking forward to it.