NEW WORK | The Growlery Beer Co.

Jeremy and his team provided us with awesome service and created a set of logos that we can be very proud of.
— Kevin Denard, Co-owner

A new brewery in Alberta, Canada called The Growlery Beer Co. A Growlery is defined as a place of refuge for the ill humoured and out of sorts. The brewery will be a place where people can come to disconnect from outside distractions and get back to engaging in conversation with people you may not know but have alot in common with, like a passion for locally crafted indepedent beer.  

A grizzly bear is the animal that best suits people when they are “ill humoured”, but also ties into the owners love of the outdoors and local national parks. They wanted a vintage feel, but with a modern look. Also, Alberta is the home of some of the best barley in the world and coming from an agricultural family, they feel very close to the local growers.