100% for Cambodia through June 2013


Quaint Co. was a result of a 2012 new year's resolution. As a graphic designer by trade, I was selling posters and art prints on my company website at www.jeremyslagle.com. I needed to separate my design business from my personal artwork so as not to water down my business offerings. It turned out to be a great idea.

As of last August, the sales were up a little but not nearly where I was hoping they would be. Then I got an email from fab.com; they wanted to sell my posters at the same time that I was leaving for a three week trip to Cambodia. Thanks to my wife and mother in law, they were able to fullfill the orders in my absence. The Fab sale was just what we needed to jumpstart sales.

I went to Cambodia with a few friends from my church to visit the children in an orpanage that my family has supported for the past seven years. I had no idea the impact that that trip would have on my life. You can read more about in on my travel blog here.

While I was there, I called my wife and asked her to consider something: What if Quaint Co. could be a way to raise enough money to bring the whole family (Becky and I and our two children) to Cambodia to meet the kids in 2013? She enthusiastically agreed. The following months were amazing! Between August and the end of 2012, sales increased by over 23 times! Enough to buy our tickets, PLUS send two of the older kids at the orphanage to college for their first year, buy a new motorcycle for the orphanage director, and donate a chunk towards rebuilding a new orphan home which had been destroyed by fire in Thailand! Amazing.

So, as of 2013, we are going to be more public about our involvement with Asia's Hope in Prek Eng, Cambodia. Not only to give you an opportunity to support us but to raise awareness of this amazing organization which we support whole-heartedly. 

As of January, we still have some expenses to cover on our trip and we are putting 100% of the sales between now and June, 2013 towards covering our remaining expenses plus we'd like to have some extra money to spend on the kids while we are there to take them out to dinner and spoil them a little. 

Every poster makes a difference!

I cant wait to see what happens in 2013. Thank you to all who have supported our vision by buying our artwork. Quaint Co. and the children of Prek Eng 2 orphanage appreciate it!

ALSO: if you don't have any more wall space for cool art and wish to donate to a fund that goes directly to spend on the kids of Prek Eng 2 you can donate at the link below. All of this money will be spent on helping out with the orphan home. None of these funds will be used for our travel expenses.