Brēzel Rebrand

Brittany Baum returned from a trip to Germany with a deep desire to recreate the authentic Bavarian pretzels she fell in love with while over seas. After perfecting the recipe, she treated her friends to these amazing delicies and then began selling her pretzels at local farmers markets. Brittany quickly realized she was on to something big. For the past two years, Brittany has had a space in Columbus' historic North Market where her business has blossomed. It's not uncommon to find her pretzels, pizza crusts, hot dog buns and rolls feautured in many Central Ohio restaurants.

Now, for the first time, Brēzel's pretzels will be available outside the North Market, in the grocery store frozen food aisle.  

It was my privilege to be able to work with Brittany and her team along with writing/strategy superstar, Christine Myers, to craft a new logo and Identity for their new North Market space as well as their pretzel stick packaging.

Be sure to watch for Brēzel Sticks to start popping up at Central Ohio Whole Foods and other grocery stores.

You can read more about their business expansion on Columbus Underground.