My first impressions

I finally finished my first lino-cut this weekend and decided to spend some time Sunday afternoon locking it up in the chase, inking up the press, and trying it out. Not too bad for my first attempt. I have alot to learn about how to get a consistant impression and better coverage. During the make-ready process, I made a print, and rotated the paper to try another impression so I wasn't wasting paper. What I ended up with with a cool overlapping image that I really love! You gotta love those "happy accidents" (thank you Bob Ross). I ended up printing the rest of them the same way. I only have black and white ink at this point. I think I might take another stab at this with some different colors overprinting. I think it would look really cool.

The metal bits in the third photo are called "quoins" pronouced like "coins." They are designed to lock the artwork into the metal frame or "chase." Two of them were given to me by my friend Allison Chapman at Igloo Letterpress and the third quoin and the key (which is really hard to find) was purchased on-line last week. Not only is the press a beatiful machine, I'm finding that the accessories are every bit as eye-catching.