Figure drawing Fridays are back!

Well, I guess I should restate that headline: "I'm back at Figure Drawing Fridays." They have been going on without me for a couple months. The end of 2009 was so crazy I had to take a two and a half month break. Getting back into drawing as a scheduled part of my week has awakened my senses and reminded me of why we started that group in the first place. My friend Patrick Crawford and I started the group in his old studio back in 2007 and it has gathered a following of devoted sketchers ever since. It has not only been a place to advance my skills with a pencil, it has become a time to connect with a group of good friends, a place of weekly meditation, and a break from the world of creating client-driven content. Drawing for myself helps me be a more creative person for my clients. 

If you are interested in drawing with us, please drop me an email and I can send you the details. You can also visit my flickr page which documents the good, bad and ugly over the past three years. I've come a long way!