Back home to Phnom Penh

We checked into our hotel around 1:00 today after a jarring 5 hour ride back to Phenom Penh. The roads were horrible and we were weaving in and out of traffic at break neck speeds. It's no wonder the vans can make the trip 2 hours faster than the busses. I had a few white knuckle moments but we made it back on schedule and are safe. Since we still had half the day ahead of us, we went out for tapas at a place called Friends. It's a non profit micro enterpreise that helps people learn a trade and gets them employed. The food was amazing and we had a really great time trying all sorts of foods family style. It's the most expensive meal we've had yet. Including drinks and dessert it was $43 plus tip. We all ate so much that we probably won't go out for dinner tonight. I may stop down stars and grab a fruit smoothie or something light.

After lunch we walked about 3 blocks to the National Museum. Beautiful place and a great way to learn about Cambodian's history. The museum is full of interesting artifacts. Very cool and well worth the visit.

The museum closed at 5:00 so we walked down to the palace; where the prince lives. In front of the palace there are several blocks of parks, fountains, statues and monuments. It was a cool, breezy night and there were thousands of people out and about. We hung out around the kids park where Carson spent some time playing on the jungle gyms. A passing shower didn't keep us from staying for a while.

The rest of the gang is going out tonight to hit the roller skating rink at the mall. I'm probably going to chill here at the hotel, prepack a few things and get to bed early. We are all very tired.

Up next: Taking the Prek Eng 2 kids to the Central Market and Pizza!