Trip to Battambang

Our trip to Battambang was uneventful, for which we are thankful. We found out that Monday through Wed. is a national holiday as they celebrate the birthday of the King; thus the roads were pretty passable. Our drivers name is Bunnycuteman; pronounced like boo-née-chute-men. When he spelled it our for me to put in my iphone contacts I got a nice big smile on my face. Fortunately, he goes by Nee which is much easier to pronounce. We had some great discussions about his country, government, culture, and he asked a lot of questions about America. Our conversation made the 5.5 hour trip go much faster.  Having Nee is like having a built in tour guide; I'm really glad we hired him to drive us to Battambang & Siem Reap.

We arrived at the Khemera 1 hotel a bit after 1:00 and let the kids jump in the pool for about an hour and  a half to cool off. This is a very nice hotel and only costs $15 per night. No joke!  They even have an all you can eat breakfast buffet for $3/adult and $1.50/child. You can't beat that in the US.

After a good dip in the pool we went out to visit the Battambang Asia's Hope campus where they have 8 homes, all supported by churches in the US, many of them in Central Ohio. Sonny gave us a walking tour of the campus.  While the campus is beautiful, it pales in comparison to the smiling faces that pour out to greet you at each stop. Lots of hugs! The children really loved showing us their homes and gave us tours showing us their rooms, kitchen, etc.  I can't wait until Prek Eng is all on one campus like this!  

After visiting the Battambang AH campus, we grabbed dinner at the City Cafe. Pad Thai, Fried Noodles with Beef & fresh fruit smoothies; deliious!  With full tummies, we headed back to the hotel and swam until about 8:00.