Bamboo Train

This morning, we enjoyed the hotel's breakfast buffet and then met Ny in front of the hotel to head out to the Battambang market. With temps around 95 degrees, full sun and a lot of humidity, it feels like100, but there's the occasional breeze to "cool" you off.  The market in Battambang is much cleaner, simpler and more organized than markets in Phnom Penh. Nee walked with us, helped translate and gave us good advice on which items were higher quality and worth the extra price tag.  We scored Caleb a pair of sandals & a few scarfs.

Next we headed to one of the highlights of the trip (as far as the kids were concerned) to the bamboo train. Feel free to google it for more information. We had a great time and the breeze helped although it was still very hot.  The ride out to the brick factory last about 15 minutes, then you hop out and they show you how they make the bricks and the ovens/kilns that they bake them in; then back onto the railroad to complete the trip.

Due to the heat, most days we've only been eating two meals a day. It's just too hot to feel hungry; at least it's helping our budget. I'm currently sitting by the pool, in the shade, watching the kids swim with Becky. While we are already missing the kids, getting away for some sightseeing and pool time over the next 3 days will be refreshing.  We're all enjoying our time exploring the countryside of Cambodia, but are also really looking forward to reuniting with the kids at PE2 on Friday.  

This evening we are planning to grab dinner at the Gecko Cafe and come back for some more night swimming before bed.