Wat Phnom and an afternoon at the pool

Today was hot! Really hot!

At 3:30 am I woke up recalling a restaurant we ate at last August that had a swimming pool inside. I knew we were not going to see the kids at PE2 today and we needed a place to let Caleb and Faith cool off and burn off some energy. I sent a text message to Teddy and he found it online. Le Duo Italian restaurant.

We got an intentionally late start this morning and walked to Cafe Yejj for some fresh mango lassis. YUM! Then hopped a tuk tuk to Wat Phnom to walk around and explore. I knew we had a limited amount of time before the kids faded in the heat so I did my best to keep their interest. We played at the park for a few minutes but the heat was just too much. Even though it was much earlier than we had planned, we decided to make our way to Le Duo. After a tuk tuk ride and a decent walk we came upon it.  We wasted no time hopping in the pool (about 1:00 pm) and swam and ate a late lunch/early dinner, leaving about 5:00. We've been struggling to get Faith to eat while here. Between the heat, her food allergies, and the fact that she's a picky eater, it's been a challenge. Le Duo was the answer. She ate two steak and veggie kabobs and an ear of corn! We were so thankful to finally get a full meal in her!  We will definitely be heading back there before we leave!

After dinner we walked down to the river front and got caught in a storm. Conventiently located, we ducked into an ice cream shop to wait it out...and grab a scoop. After it passed the weather really cooled off and it was quite pleasant to walk around. 

We are really looking forward to going to church tomorrow morning with all of the kids. I remember going last year and it was a very moving experience for me. I know Caleb and Faith will enjoy it as well. After church, lunch and playtime at PE2. Can't wait!