NEW WORK | Wake. Shower. Shine.

Looking and feeling fabulous shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

All-natural, Pälish smoothes away roughness, moisturizes deeply, scents skin naturally, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to leave your arms and legs looking like a million bucks.

Heather, the creator of Pälish, looked to Slagle Design to help launch her new business with a memorable and playful brand that could extend to multiple product lines. Delivering a custom wordmark, type, illustrations and bold color palette, Heather was thrilled with the end product.


Creative Partner: Christine Myers, Verb Garden, Inc. writing + strategy

NEW WORK | For the love of cheese!

Slagle Design partnered with John and Anne Reese on the branding of their creamery, Black Radish. The couple have a mutual love of food and passion for science, which are the perfect ingredients for becoming cheese makers. Their fruit butters, jellies, and preserves are packed with flavor and only use the best ingredients—a MUST for your next cheeseboard. Is this making you hungry? Taste their cheese, jams, and sandwiches at their location at the North Market.


Creative Partner: Christine Myers, Verb Garden, Inc. writing + strategy

NEW WORK | The ingredients you want. The flavors you crave.

Munch Rights introduces INCREDI-PUFFS!
with a wholesome blend of plant-powered ingredients

Slagle Design teamed up with Verb Garden, Inc. on a creative overhaul of the Munch Rights brand with Wyandot Snacks and dished out a delicious new product name, brand, stratgey and packaging. We asked the question "why is it the healthier the snack, the more ho-hum the flavor?" We raised the bar by creating a better-for-you, better-tasting puff. Made with wholesome ingredients you can actually pronounce—like non-GMO corn, beans, and potatoes—our “better-for-you” Munch Rights Incredi-Puffs are baked, not fried; have 30% less fat than potato chips; and are completely free of artificial colors, flavors, trans fats and gluten. What aren’t they free of? INCREDIBLE TASTE! Look for Incredi-Puffs in a grocery store near you.

“10 out of 10! Jeremy and his team are a pleasure to work with. They provide very quick responses on requests and have amazed us with their creativity.”

Lori RobertsCustomer Success Manager, Wyandot, Inc.

Wooly Pig Farm Brewery

One historic farm. Some old-world influences. And a seasoned brewmaster’s family.

We are super excited to be working on this project. The Wooly Pig Brand mark is a twist on the legendary hex sign—a tribute to those who have inspired them to be hard-working caretakers of their farm & brewery; and to embrace old-world, farm-family traditions that suggest small is sustainable, local is imperative, and quality is non-negotiable.

Opening this fall!

Backroom Coffee Roasters get a new look!

Slagle Design is excited to share the work we recently completed for Backroom Coffee Roasters. Chris and his team were a joy to work with and their coffee is top notch! Birthed in the backroom of a bicycle shop and how operating out of an airplane hangar, Backroom Coffee is small batch hand-packaged goodness! You can find Backroom Coffee at markets throughout Central Ohio. Visit their new site to find out where.

CBC Bock Beer Package

Here's a sneak peek at the next seasonal brew from Columbus Brewing Company. 

"Bock" is "Billy Goat" in German. If you take a look next time you visit the beverage aisle, notice how often the Bock packaging has a goat as it's primary image. The challenge for us was to make it memorable and still fit the CBC brand. I'm really happy with the way the illustration and layout turned out. Many thanks to Eric and Beth, the brewery owners, who worked through the process with me. I'm confident that their creative input made this a better design. 

Look for it on shelves in Central Ohio in early 2012.