Power Outage 2012




Last Friday evening, Columbus got hit with a pretty nasty storm. It was 95 degrees and sunny until the black wall of clouds moved in. Although it didn't bring a lot of rain, the wind gusts exceeded 85 miles per hour. It toppled trees, damaged homes and snapped power poles around the neighborhood. As of today, Monday, we are still without power and internet. AEP is telling us we should plan on being without power for the rest of the week and possibly into next week. 

We are happy to be safe and thankful to say that we didn't have any damage to our house. It's been hot without electricity but we've been sleeping in the basement to keep cool at night. 

My friends at Spacejunk Media have been kind enough to let me work from thier office until we are back on-line in Clintonville. So, I'm open for business this week.