Wired UK, Year in Ideas Feature


Wired, UK asked me to create a series of icons for a feature called "Year in Ideas." The story showcases five groundbreakling technologies in 2011. Very cool stuff. Very difficult to capture in an icon. But it was a great excersize and a lot of fun to work on.

Lab on a Postage Stamp
"Doctors could soon carry a whole lab in their pocket, thanks to intricate patterns engraved on plates of glass. The micrometer-wide channels allow scientists to control a single drop of blood or saliva, guiding it through a circuit of precursors, mixing chambers and reagents to aid diagnosis. The practice of controlling fluids at this tiny scale is known as microfluidics." writer, Frank Swain

The New Haptics
"There’s not much touch in a touchscreen: you can feel your finger on the glass or plastic, but the more nuanced sensation of a physical button – such as edges and resistance – aren’t there. Yet." writer, Tom Cheshire

Inner Texting
"Trillions of mobile phone text messages are sent each year by the use of letters of the alphabet that correspond to numbers on the keypad: the letters A, B or C are ghosted on top of the number 1 key, and so on. This mapping has become so pervasive that it is now imbedded in our unconscious and affects our understanding of numbers through unnoticed verbal associations." writer, Vaughan Bell

Genome Hacking
"For years, scientists have been able to alter one or two genes in an organism of choice. But Peter Carr and George Church can make sweeping simultaneous edits across an entire genome. It’s biology’s equivalent of Find and Replace All." writer, Ed Yong

Crowd Restoration
"As digital production becomes standard in Hollywood, many great films are being left to die in archives around the world. Mark Cousins, a film writer and documentary director, whose epic 15-hour Story of Film told the history of innovation in cinema, has come up with an idea to save them from obscurity." writer, Adam Dawtrey