Lego my logo


If you want your logo to literally jump off the page, there's nothing like a good ol' fashion emboss to do the trick.

Embossing will also make the cash jump out of your wallet--especially when you are doing small quantities.

My new business cards arrived this week. I  slipped them into the margins on the press sheet and my printer trimmed them out for me. Voila! free business cards! In my layout, I intentionally left a space where I could add my embossed logo to finish the cards. I searched and found this cool desk embosser.

I played around with the logo placement and quickly realized that it was hit-or-miss when it came to positioning the logo. I needed a jig that would put the cards in the exact same place each time--allowing the perfect placement and making it easer to mass produce the cards.

I dug around in my son's Lego collection and found that the desk embosser is EXACTLY 6 Lego "dots" wide and just under 13 "dots" long which gave me a little room to adjust the position by sliding it up and down. I added a fence and a stop to align the card with the emboss plate. The little gray antenna piece in the bottom left corner makes a good "half dot" measurement in case your logo doesn't line up exactly in full "dots." Works like a charm.

Maybe someday we'll see "Lego Dots" added to the list of measurement options in InDesign. Inches, Centimeters, Picas, Dots...