The force is strong with these two

Dressing up to get candy is fun. Dressing as your favorite Star Wars character is even better!

When Caleb decided to be a clone trooper, I wasn't all that surprised. He and I both got helmets for Christmas last year (thanks Nanna!). They even change your voice with a microphone on the inside! Awesome.

I could have guessed that Faith would want to be a princess. But when she told me which princess, I welled up with geek pride on the inside. That's my girl!

Never satisfied with the status quo, Caleb and I visited the local sign shop and asked for their discarded vinyl scraps so we could customize the helmets and his costume. 

We took Faith to JoAnns and found yarn that matched her hair and we made a pair of "buns" out of some foam padding and a brown headband. 

Star Wars is in our blood. Don't be surprised to see them in costume at Mid-Ohio Con next weekend.