My Vespa has returned!


I have been sans-scooter for over a year. I made it out to the first night of Scoot-a-que 12 (Sept, 2009) and she died on the way home. Since then, it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong, has. The biggest source of the problem is that the previous owner thought it a good idea to tune it beyond it's designed capabilities. Aftermarket engine upgrades, exhaust, upgraded carb, were taking it's toll. So my mechanic, Kris, suggested we take the bike back to stock. So, he did. Since Sept 2009 the following has been replaced:


Clutch basket

Clutch springs

Clutch plates


Fly side crank bearing

Clutch side crank bearing

Fly side crank seal

Clutch side crank seal

Flywheel woodruff key

Clutch woodruff key

1st oversized piston

Cylinder bored to match piston

Complete engine gasket kit

Stock stella catalyzed exhaust

Rewired stator

She now runs beautifully, quieter, not quite as peppy as it was before. But, if I really wanted a fast bike I wouldnt have bought a 30 year-old Vespa. It's nice to have her back.

Thanks Kris!