New mascot creates a buzz at Cedarville University

Jeremy Slagle (while at Element) working with the University Communications and Athletic Department, has designed a new mascot for Cedarville University. The Yellow Jackets have a time-honored athletic heritage whose teams routinely compete at a national level. As of the 2009-2010, the Yellow Jackets are moving up from NAIA to NCAA Div 2, allowing them to compete at a higher level, bringing with it, more regional and national exposure.

The old yellow Jacket was getting tired. Aside from the technical issues that came with printing and consistency in which it was used, really looked like the same "bee" "hornet" or "wasp" employed by high schools and colleges around the country. It wasn't memorable and didn't represent the excellence and tradition Cedarville Athletics were known for.

Our goal was to design something truly "own-able."

The result was better than anticipated. After rounds of revisions and tweaks, working with feedback from the coaches, athletic director and communications department, a new mascot was born. Along with the mascot we developed a custom type treatment and "lockup" versions. The new mascot can be easily reproduced from full-color to one-color applications.

Go Jackets!

Designed by Jeremy Slagle at Element.