The Slagles 2018

Summer vacation, Frankfort, Michigan

Summer vacation, Frankfort, Michigan

It seems like every year becomes more monumental than the one before.

2018 has been HUGE!!!

Hawaii 2-0

May 9th we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Because February is one of the most dreary months in Ohio, we jumped at the opportunity to fly Nana up so the two of us could spend a week together in Maui. It was every bit as amazing as it sounds and we had a wonderful time! 20 years ago, Becky had just turned 21; we were so young, and were looking forward to a bright future together. We could have never imagined it would be so amazing. We make a great team.

More about the trip (along with photos) here. 

Working 9 to 5

Caleb got his first job this year at the neighborhood, family-owned, hardware store. As a child he often talked about how great it would be to work there and, sure enough upon applying, he was hired. It has been a wonderful learning experience and the lessons will serve him well later in life - from giving lawnmowers tune ups and repairs, to glazing windows, repairing screens, mixing paint and a little bit of plumbing and electrical along the way.

Caleb’s Interests

Caleb earned another pin for his varsity letter for the 2017/2018 bowling season and is looking forward to the start of a new season. His passion and drive for bowling has not dwindled one bit and the time that he invests really pays off.

Moving straight from bowling into spring tennis for WC was fun, mostly. It was a really cold spring and some of the matches were played amidst flurries of snow. You never quite know what kind of weather you’re gonna have here in central Ohio.

Our local newspaper interviewed and wrote an article featuring Caleb this summer. He plays his guitar and sings most Saturday mornings at the local farmer’s market to earn a few extra bucks. Some weeks are more profitable than others, but if you’re doing something you love, the pay off isn’t necessarily monetary.

Northern Michigan calls

We were blessed to spend a week exploring all that Northern Michigan has to offer at the beginning of June. It was a wonderful, laid-back kick-off to our summer.

Family Drama

Faith performed in FIVE plays this year! When she finds something she loves, she dives in wholeheartedly and boy does she love to be on stage! Her brain is a sponge and learning lines comes second nature. Each play brings out more confidence and new friendships. Caleb made his debut this fall upon landing the male lead in the Fall play. It was so fun to watch them both perform.

Faith’s Pursuits

Faith continued to take tennis lessons throughout the past year and while she loves it, decided to try her hand at softball this summer. She found she really enjoyed softball and is considering trying out for WC’s girls softball come spring.

I have never seen so much creativity in one person. Faith constantly blows my mind with the various things she creates. From making custom dolls, wigs, sewing plushies, she’s simply amazing. I think I admire her confidence when it comes to trying new things in the craft world. She’s self taught at much of what she does and is amazing.

School days

For the first time ever, both kids are enrolled in school. Caleb is a Junior and Faith began this year as a Freshman at Worthington Christian High School. The administration, teachers, coaches and parents at WC have been such a blessing to our family! Faith has acclimated to a brick and mortar school quickly and really loves it. Becky did an incredible job preparing the kids for high school and both kids are flourishing academically and socially. 

More time to be Becky

Everyone keeps asking Becky what she does with “all of her spare time” now that homeschooling has ended. Anyone who knows her, knows she doesn’t sit still. Our house has never been more organized. She’s helping out more with the business, taking amazing care of our family, serves in PTF, volunteers in the lunchroom, shuttles the kids around to their activities and is at most of their extracurricular activities to cheer them on — which keeps her plenty busy! She loves the change and it’s been fun watching her adjust to her new routine. One of Becky’s favorite things is to have one-on-one time with each member of the family. She loves connecting with the kids over coffee and a game or heading to the bowling alley (once again) with Caleb. It’s these moments that she treasures most.

Chin Up Chinchilla

Jeremy has always wanted to illustrate a children’s book and this summer he had the opportunity to do so. Working with author and friend, Beth Stafford, they created and self-published a beautiful children’s book that was fully-funded on Kickstarter in under 5 days! It was a great experience and hopefully won’t be the last. 

You can see more about the book (or buy a copy of your own) here.

They’re back!

22 year’s ago, Becky’s parents moved to Louisiana for work. Having an 18-hour drive between us has meant limited opportunities to spend time with them. While they were here over the summer, they found the perfect house! In November, they moved about 35 minutes away into a beautiful home on two acres in Carroll, Ohio. It’s been so great! The kids have already spent time baking cookies, playing lots of games and helped Nana and Grandpa decorate for Christmas. We are looking forward to sharing choir concerts, plays, bowling tournaments and special occasions with them. 

The Sound of Music

Caleb and Faith are VERY involved in WC’s choir. In addition to their regular choral group, Faith sings in gold ensemble, mixed choir, and Caleb is in mansemble, chorale, mixed choir, and lead’s worship in chapel. He also plays bass guitar once a month for our church’s high school youth group. Our life is like a musical. There’s rarely a time when someone isn’t singing through the house!

Free time?

Our limited free time this year has been spent in the shop making costumes. Star Wars, various super hero helmets, rocket packs, you name it…we’ve been having a great time! Costuming combines the kids’ imagination, love for theater, and passion for crafts and it has turned out to be a perfect family hobby. 

Slagle Design

Our business has been cranking this year. Jeremy has had some unexpected opportunities including working in Denmark for a week with a dream client; it was a great experience. In June, Jeremy was awarded an honorary degree from The Modern College of Design. In November, Columbus Society of Communicating Arts awarded Slagle Design with 4 awards, including a judges top choice at Creative Best! Also in November, we celebrated 9 years of business. It’s been quite a ride.

Giving Thanks

For Thanksgiving, we traveled to Greenville, SC to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Slagle along with the extended Slagle family. It was a gorgeous day filled with great food and conversation, loving family, a bonfire and of course the annual Slagle football game. We are so blessed to have such amazing family and do our best to pause and be fully present in these special moments; for this is what memories are made of.

Throughout all of the changes, God is always the same. He is good and His mercies are new every morning. We are thankful for every new phase of life and it’s a privilege to watch the kids grow and change. We are thankful for friends and family like you.

Blessings in 2019!

The Slagles