Tuol Sleng and The Russian Market

We started our day yesterday at Tuol Sleng. As much as I love visiting Cambodia, my fourth trip to this site still depresses me. It is important to come here as well as the Killing Fields (which we will be visiting soon) in order to understand the context of where Cambodia is today and why family-style orphan care is so essential to the rebuilding and redemption of the country. 

Afterwards, we grabbed a great lunch at one of my favorite places: Cafe Yejj, and had only 45 minutes to rush through the market for an overview before heading back to the hotel to meet Narun for our trip to see the kids in the evening. The Russian market is my favorite market in the city and I could tell everyone wanted to spend more time there so we plan on making a morning of it today. Sure glad we have extra space in those checked bags!