A better nick name

This morning I actually slept in! Woke up at 6 am so I got a full 7 hours of speed last night. I think it's mostly due to the heavy curtains in the new hotel. At our hotel in Phnom Penh the curtains were semi-transparent and the morning light brightend up the room alot as sun rise is very early and sets around 6:30 pm.

We grabbed breakfast at the hotel buffet this morning then headed to the Battambang campus to see the kids at the youth conference. We had a chance to see the new campus and the model for future orphan homes. It's nice to see what is in store for Prek Eng in the not to distant future. We have made friends with a group of guys who are here for the dedication of their new home which opened 4 days ago from Life Vineyard church in Gahanna. We hung out in their home with the kids for an hour or so, playing UNO and getting to know the kids. It's fun watching these guys interact with their kids as it's their second day together with them.

While we were there, Srey Pa (who, by the way is an instigator and clown) and Srey Ka (who is one of the sweetest, most nurturing people I have ever met) started in with the "ninja" stuff again. So I challenged them to come up with a Khmer name for me. We have spent enough time together for them to come up with something better than handsome ninja. They spent some time talking and giggling amongst themselves before Srey Pa said, "your new name is 'Panha'." It sounds like "Pawnia" with an emphasis on the first syllable. After all of the giggling, I was concerned about the definition. She said it means "smart...one who thinks first, then acts." I was delighted! Wow, way better than the first name.

Over the years, I have had many people ask me why I don't have a tattoo. Even my wife asks once in a while. I think I may have something to think about now...we'll see.

Jackie is feeling sick. The tuk tuk ride back to the hotel was horrible for her. Please keep her in your prayers. It's a good thing that we came back rather than get motos this afternoon because it just started raining cats and dogs outside. I think the rest of the day is going to be slow paced. They have a night market in town, so we're thinking of hitting that this evening along with dinner. Might pick up a couple of things for the family. I'm feeling 100% now; that Cipro really works.

I'm missing the younger kids already. I'm going to have a really difficult time saying good bye next week. My eyes tear up every time I think about it.