Wat Phnom and ice cream


This morning began at a leisurely pace. First we hit a small stationery store across from our hotel where John, Jackie and I went shopping. Next, we headed to the Central Market to grab some clothes for Carson. Teddy had left some of his clothes on the balcony to dry and they blew off over night.

After breakfast we found Mr. Sivet, our favorite tuktuk driver, and headed to Wat Phnom. A google search will give you the historical background if you are interested but it is essentially a massive Buddhist temple in downtown Phenom Penh. It's a beautiful place to visit. You can see photos on my Flickr page once they upload at www.flickr.com/jeremyslagle

At 2:00 Narun picked us up at the hotel to take us to Prek Eng 2. A special collection taken at Central Vineyard church helped us to be able to throw a party for them last night. Music was pumping when we rolled through the gates and smiling faces all came running to welcome us. Sopal and the helpers at the orphanage prepared a feast of traditional Khmer foods like curried chicken, banana leaf salad, rice noodle salad, grilled eggs, and "special meat" (aka, dog). It was amazing. These are the kids favorite foods...with the exception of the dog which was requested by Teddy. We had to try it while we were here.

After dinner, Sopal broke out the extra special treat, strawberry ice cream cones! Because there is no freezer large enough to keep it on the premises, they had to eat it all; the kids had no problem going back for seconds, sometimes thirds to finish it off.

Before we left, we opened up two suitcases filled with tote bags that Julie Young put together for us to bring. Each child received a bag with fun stuff like toys, note pads, socks, sidewalk chalk, candy, colorful erasers and a kite. They were thrilled. When we asked them to come over to the front of the house, they automatically lined up in two lines, boys and girls, and very patiently waited for their turn to take a bag. They each humbly said thank you as they received the gift and immediately started pouring through them to see what they got. They asked me to pass on their thanks to Central Vineyard for the gifts.

Up next: The Killing Fields and hopefully back to play with the kids tomorrow.