Day Two

Thank you for all of the awesome birthday wishes on Facebook! It really makes me realize how many awesome friends I have.

We had a great time with the kids. It was a low-key play day today. Well, lower-key. We introduced the kids to hillbilly golf and they mastered it within a few minutes. They really had fun but John Rice called it. He said, "I wonder how long it will take before they realize that they can combine the two ladders into a 7 foot tall mega ladder?" Answer, about 30 minutes. They had it so high that they needed a chair to reach the top rung. By the end of the day, they also figured out how to turn them into small soccer goals and they were playing in the courtyard with tennis balls.

Next we broke open a box of board games that we had brought along. "Guess Who", "Run Yourself Ragged", "Phase 10", and UNO. They already knew how to play UNO but the other games were totally new. I think we had as much fun trying to teach them how to play as we did playing them. Phase 10 took the longest but they picked it up quickly. I'm glad we bought 2 decks because I have a feeling they will be wearing them out.

Last night we went out for my birthday and Teddy had something sinister in mind. We all shared a small plate of tarantula for appetizer and shared our meals family style. Of course Jackie ordered beef and red ant stir fry. The tarantula was gross but at least I can say I tried it. The ants tasted like toasted sesame seeds. Not too bad actually.

It was a great day. Next up: Toel Slang Genocide Museum

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