going with the flow...saturday

Written by Becky:

Today has brought about yet another unexpected twist; but we're getting to use to that by now! Narun picked us up at 8 am so that we could get some good play time with the kids before the heat of the day really kicked in. Around 11 though, Faith wasn't feeling so great. She laid down, tried a bit of soda to calm her stomach and some tea that Sopal mixed up for her. But nothing shy of her loosing her cookies all over the front porch would settle her stomach. I'm thankful she got it out before we got in the van. We had a bag ready for the ride back to the hotel and had her sit next to a window just in case. She rested for a while and was thankfully feeling better within about an hour. I've noticed a pattern over these last few weeks. If you're feeling cruddy, once it's passed whether by vomitting or loosing it at other end, you typically feel a little shaky but then you're good to go within a relatively short period of time.

Caleb was so bummed when we told him we needed to get Faith back to rest and in some a/c, so when offered the chance to stay with the kids at PE2 for the day, he jumped on it! I have loved watching him come alive on this trip. My little homebody, that rarely wants to go anywhere (even when we're at home), has turned over a new leaf. He is quick to laugh, eager to hug and hold these kids hands, silly beyond belief and has made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime.

After resting for a bit Faith was feeling peppy again and we hit the pool for about 2 hours. It was kinda nice to have some one on one time with my little peanut. She too has been remarkable on this trip! While more naturally outgoing, she has jumped right in with these kids and had an absolute ball! Prior to leaving PE2 today, she was busy painting nails and toenails. She's had fun teaching & learning lots of new games and just goofing around with her buddies. While homesick, she turns very somber when we talk about returning home. She too will miss these sweet kids we've come to love.

Jer, Faith and I hopped a tuk tuk to get our custom made shoes about 4:00 and then walked to dinner at LeDuo (Faith's favorite restaurant over here). Caleb meet us at the restaurant about 6:30...via moto! I think the 30 min moto ride from PE2 into Phnom Penh just may have made his trip complete! Sandwiched between Vee Ly & Sopal he rode up in style. I think it's a good thing they didn't call to ask me about this one first. :)

We swam for about 40 minutes upon return to the hotel before Caleb decided to keep us on our toes by barfing into a poolside planter. At least it wasn't in the pool! Praying that this too will pass soon.

Tomorrow morning, Jeremy will be preaching at church (all 5 Prek Eng Children's Homes attend). Then it's back to PE2 for our last full day with them. Monday, we'll be packing up while the kids are at school, joining them about 3:00 for an afternoon of fun, dinner and then saying goodbye about 6:30 pm. Our flight departs around 11 pm...27 hours of travel and we'll be home on Tues. afternoon.