Today was pretty low-key. After breakfast we packed up all of our stuff and moved into a hotel that is closer to the center of the city. It was pretty amazing how much you can fit on a tuk tuk. After checking in, we spent a couple of hours exploring the new area. I was pretty hot out this afternoon so we stopped in for ice cream around lunch time. We all hit the hotel pool for a couple of hours before Narun picked us up to take is to PE2 for the evening.

The longer we are here, the more I fee like we see what goes on in the evenings. We are typically at the home, playing card games with a couple of the older kids when the elementary aged kids return from school for the evening. They hurry and change out of their uniforms and the fun begins. Cards games, bracelet making, soccer in the courtyard. The whole place comes alive with laughter. Caleb wiped out pretty bad on the concrete playing soccer this evening and Sopal had the first aid kit ready to go. They cleaned his cuts and took really good care of him. She's a really amazing mom.

We had a fantastic dinner of rice, fried fish with pineapple sauce, mangos, and stir fried vegetables. Sopal is treating us right!

Tomorrow we take the entire orphan home to the zoo. Should be quite an adventure!