first days with PE2

Today is our second day in Phnom Penh and it has been so full I haven't had a chance to post. So here it goes.

Arriving at the new campus for the first time was so exciting for me. When we were hear last may we saw the structures of three of the buildings in progress. Now the school building and all five homes are finished and full of amazing, energetic kids, all on the same campus.

Getting off the van at PE2 bring back the sense comfort and close ties with my friends here in Cambodia. The kids are growing, healthy and strong and ready to play. A couple of them look like they aged quite a bit while others look exactly how I saw them a year ago. But the smiles and friendship remain the same. We spent much of the time getting tours of the new campus and meeting the parents at the other PE homes. We played frisbee, kicked the soccer ball around. Many of the girls hung out inside and did Tali and Brianna's hair.

Before we left, Thad got out the soccer uniforms we had been working on for the last couple of months and we gave one to each child. When we showed up to church this morning, they were all wearing them. They look awesome!

After church this morning we had lunch at PE2. Grilled beef and khmer curry soup with rice, pineapple and dragon fruit. It was really tasty. I'm so proud of my dad for not only trying new food but going back for seconds. It's been an extra fun trip having my dad and sister as part of the group.

This evening we are throwing a dance party for the entire Prek eng campus. Food and everything! When they announced it this morning at church the whole place erupted! Can't wait!

I'll be posting photos if I can get to the market and buy a USB adapter for my ipad. We'll see.