NEW WORK | Looking for the purr-fect sitter?

Need a pet sitter before heading out of town for Labor Day Weekend? Look no furr-ther!

Slagle Design had the opportunity to help Susan Deisher go from being a part-time pet fan, to opening a pet business as her full-time gig. We created a name, brand, and website that helped her grow her business in the direction she wanted. Check them out and schedule a sitter at Sit.Stay.Grow. 

When I first started the business, I sought out a branding expert to help start things right. I was familiar with Jeremy and his work so I contacted him to begin. He helped me “hit the ground running.” The branding has greatly helped my company stand out from the competition and helped to keep our look fresh and professional on the web, in clothing, with stationery, in advertisements and numerous other ways we contact customers and potential clients. The business has grown to feature over 100 clients and 7 independent contractors. Many customers have commented on the gorgeous branding they associate with Sit. Stay. Grow. Thanks to Jeremy and Casey for getting me started with a great brand.
— Susan Deisher, CPPS, Owner, Sit. Stay. Grow.