Launching Joy Venture


Joy Venture is our impassioned yet fully imperfect attempt to inspire, nudge and, when appropriate, help others experience lasting joy in their life’s work.

Slagle Design is very pleased to announce a new direction. In addition to graphic design, illustration, and communication, we have partnered with Thad DeVassie of Ratchet Strategy + Communication to start something entirely new. 

We have been fortunate to work with companies large and small, but the ones that bring the most satisfaction are the startups and small businesses that are founded on joy. They are in retail, food and beverage, non-profit, fashion, heath and beauty, but they all have a similar story. They bring the highest ROI for the client, they have the largest impact on their bottom line and most of all, they extend their passion into something larger than themselves. 

They all experience the three stages of a Joy Venture:



Every venture starts with a discovery or desire to discover. It starts by putting yourself out there so discovery can occur. It is where inspiration is born and the seeds of purpose are planted. And it's the critical first component as you start your own Joy Venture.


Simply put, we're talking about action. What will you do now that you're inspired? How will you do what's next? Whether it's your vocation, recreation, ministry or volunteerism, a necessary pivot or a significant shift, you'll need to muster the dedication to convert your inspiration into something more. When you do, and experience the fruit it bears in you and others, real joy becomes evident.     


Remember what it was like before you were inspired to pursue and develop your joy? How did you get where you are today? We believe it starts with inspiration and encouragement -- the fuel in tank of any Joy Venture. You have  an inspiring story to motivate others to pursue their own joy.  So be that encourager. Speak from experience. Spread your joy. Remember, it can be highly contagious. 

For now, we are spreading joy through a podcast and a blog. We're lifting up fellow Joy Venturers to tell their stories in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. In the future, who knows where the venture will long as it's founded in joy.