PDF Slides iPad app is perfect

I had the opportunity to talk to my church this past Sunday. I used Indesign to build a PDF sideshow but I wanted to be able to be able to keep notes along with each slide without having to print out a stack of paper. It took more than three hours of searching on the app store before I found the PDF SLIDES app. There are plenty of options for PowerPoint users but this was the only one I found that works for PDF files.

It does everything I want it to do:

  1. Shows the current and next slide in the presentation
  2. Allows notes for each slide that do not appear on the presentation
  3. Times your presentation from the moment you advance the first slide (I recommend a "cover" slide that you can swipe past when your presentation starts.
  4. Shows a small timeline so you can see how far you are into your presentation (Very nice!)
  5. Works with Apple TV or video out (set it to mirroring)
  6. Works with Dropbox
  7. Laserpointer! use your finger to circle or point to parts of the slide. Nice feature.
  8. BONUS: there is a free app for the iphone or ipod touch that works as a wireless remote!

As nervous as I was to do the talk, the app really helped my keep my thoughts straight. I highly recommend it.