The Fuji X10 camera

I know, I know, the new Canon 5D mk III was announced today. I'm perfectly happy with my mk II and I have no plans on upgrading especially since the new version costs $1000 more than its predecessor. What's that all about?

The camera that's really on my mind right now is my new Fujifilm X10 -- the X100's little brother. While it doesn't have the large chip that big brother has, it's loaded with very cool features that the X100 lacks. I'm taking a trip to Cambodia in August and I wanted a smaller camera that would allow me to shoot discretely on the street and wouldn't be a pain to carry around. I was looking for the following capabilities:

  • A real viewfinder
  • Fast focus
  • Fast lens
  • Ability to shoot wide angle
  • Ability to shoot HD video
  • Built like a tank

I found all of these and more in the Fuji X10. My favorite feature has to be the zoom. No silly little lever here, you actually grab the lens and turn it – imagine that. The lens also happens to be the on and off switch which is very clever. Turning the lens all the way to the right, turns the camera off. Turn it to the left to compose your photo and it turns the camera on. 

The auto focus is ridiculously fast! I dare say as fast as my 5D mkII and there is no shutter lag at all. This sucker is quick!

Those who know me well know that I have a soft spot for the vintage cameras. The fact that this looks like a classic Leica M3 doesn't hurt any either. It feels extremely well built too.

There are plenty of reviews out there so go check them out. If you are looking for a new camera to carry around I highly recommend the X10.