Studio Photos

Over the past couple of months I have been slowly outfitting my studio and it's coming together nicely. Almost everything here is from fleamarkets, garage sales or DIY. A friend of mine gave me a large round piece of butcher block a few years back and it's been sitting in my garage just waiting for the perfect time. I gave it a light sand and a few coats of Polyurathane. Getting it up into the studio was no easy task. I attached it to the half-wall at the top of the steps and it makes a perfect meeting place or paste-up area.

The bookshelves are made from a black walnut tree that used to stand in our backyard until it was struck by lightning several years ago. Now it's board-cut and stacked in the back of the garage. I love the color of natural walnut. The vintage Howard Miller clock was saved from the garbage by my friend Sue Hebberts. Thanks Sue!

My studio wouldnt be complete without surrounding myself with my favorite art. I have LOADS of posters so I had to be picky. Mikey Burton, Jessica Hishe and Dan Blackman made the cut along with some found letters and signs I have collected along the way.

I found this old triple bread pan out in Amish country at an antique store. It's the perfect home for my inks, pens and office supplies. My wife made the coasters for me for father's day so I don't leave any cup rings on the finish of my wood block table. I made sure there was plenty of room for old cameras and a few awards on my bookshelf.

I wanted to find a place to display some of my own work so I framed up a set of bicycle posters. The lamp on the right was pulled from the trash one day. Someone in the neighborhood was throwing out a pair of them. I snatched them up and they both work great.