My Custom Seagull Bag

It was my pleasure to design the new logo for Seagull Bags. It's always a bonus to design for a company that makes a product that you genuinely believe in. When it comes to truly innovative, bulletproof, handmade courier bags it doesn't get much better than this. Dan McKewen and his crew of bag builders put in an honest days work, hunched over industrial strength sewing machines, adding a lot of love and a little bit of sweat to each bag that comes through the shop. But, don't plan on ordering a custom bag and having it by the weekend. The folks at Seagull are keeping busy; you're looking at anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month on custom orders. Believe me, it's worth the wait.

Designing your own bag is not for the faint of heart. There are many options from sizes to custom add-ons.  I spent a few hours figuring out what colors I wanted and choosing features. I loaded mine with pockets to organize all of the junk I carry around with me on a daily basis. For the final touch I asked them to embroider their new logo across the front flap.  

Word has it, the new Seagull website is almost done. For now, you can visit the "original" site to order your own custom bag.      

Check them out:

Click here to see my design for Seagull Bags