ALWAYS buy the AppleCare.

40 days left on AppleCare and my 3-year-old iMac started doing some really crazy stuff. I took it in and they replaced almost everything: the screen, power supply, graphics card, and logic board. Within a week after having it back, the computer began exhibiting the same weirdness. I took it back to the Genius Bar and Greg told me there were only two major parts left to replace. Friday evening he called with the bad news: The replacement parts didn't fix the problem. The good news: I was getting a new iMac! SWEET! He also mentioned I could upgrade and pay the difference. So, I decided to go big and make it a workstation that would last me a good long time. I picked up the 27" quad-core iMac. The new wireless keyboard and mouse are amazing! This is the first Apple mouse I will actually use. Applestore Greg is my new hero. He migrated my old system over and set me up with a great computer. I didn't hesitate when he asked if I wanted to add AppleCare.