The Maker's Schedule

A good friend sent a link to this little gem this morning:

I am definitely a Maker, and this article really speaks to my schedule. So, next time I plan a meeting with you, you'll understand why I prefer meeting early or at the end of the day.

This article speaks to the type of learner I am as well. As kids, we are taught together in a classroom with rows of desks, and every hour, we switch modes to another environment to utilize a different part of our brain. For me, I recall the difficulty in making that switch. It seemed like the first 20-30 minutes of a new class was wasted on the transition from one class to the other. Today, Managers still go from one meeting to another in rooms filled with people who are spending the first chunk of the meeting getting acquainted and transitioning from the last meeting.

There is nothing more creative or encouraging to me in the morning than an open chunk of time to work on a project. Like the article points out, a schedule littered with meetings is a depressing forecast on the entire day but a clear schedule gives hope for a creative and efficient day ahead.

Thanks for the link Nand.