Our first linocut prints

I hope my mother will forgive me for my comments from the previous post. My 8-year-old son begged me to allow him to cut his own block. Even after explaining the likelihood that he'd jab his finger with a gouge, he insisted. So, I took some time to show him the proper way to cut, helped him with a few of the details and let him do the rest. Not only did he NOT cut himself, he managed to cut a pretty sweet piece of art!

I didn't have any ink yet so I called my friend Allison Chapman at Igloo Letterpress. She hooked us up with some rubber-based inks in black and white. I accidently left the black ink at her shop so we tried the press with the white. What fun! Caleb's prints look great. They will be even better when the new rollers arrive; I placed an order last week. Can't wait.