Stakeholder Information

The review and input of a narrow group of stakeholders is essential to ensure a focused and clear design.

To that end, the client is requested to provide the names and titles of all persons who will be contributing to or critiquing the design options and be certain all stakeholders are involved at each step. 

If, in the process if creating the brand, others are added as Stakeholders or Decision Makers, Slagle Design may have to restart the creative process and may lead to additional concepts or extend the scope of the project. We cannot account for input from individuals who have not shared with us or been part of early planning stages of the process. 

In the field below, please list the name, position, and email address for each person who will be giving creative, strategic, or aesthetic input on the project. This also includes friends, relatives, spouses or anyone who will have input on the creative process. Note, they must be available for the information gathering portion of the project. No exceptions.
In the field below, please list the Decision Makers from the form above who will be empowered by the client to make final decisions that will determine approval of the project. These must be drawn from the stakeholders list above. No exceptions.
Agreement *
By agreeing below, we understand that the addition of authorized Stakeholders or Decision Makers during the creative process may lead to having to reset the project as new input was not considered in the early planning stages of the project.