Safe and sound

We arrived around 11 pm last night. Narun and two of the kids along with Teddy and Carson picked us up and took us to the airport. The weather was actually pretty nice, humid but cool with a nice breeze. I was in awe of the number of scooters still out on the road. Some carrying 4 people others that had been converted into mobile noodle stands. Alot of the street food vendors were still open and people were out walking, riding, biking and selling. It seems like a safe place to be after dark.

John, Jackie, and I took a short walk before bed. Unfortunately I took an ambien before we left and I don't recall most of it. We were so tired but so excited to be here that we needed to get out even if only for a few minutes.

Seoul airport

This airport looks more like a high end shopping mall. Very nice. Kinda wish our layover was a little longer so we could explore.

The 15 hour flight from Atlanta was miserable for me. My legs and arms don't like the tight seating spaces and I barely got any sleep. Hopefully that will make me nice and sleepy when we get to the hotel tonight.

Next stop: Cambodia.

Atlanta airport

We made it successfully to the Atlanta airport and grabbed a small lunch. I'm enjoying getting to know my fellow travelers during the three hour layover. We are some of the few Caucasians in the waiting area for the Korea Air flight to board. Hoping to sleep most of this flight. Next stop: Seoul.

Hillbilly Golf in Cambodia

The kids wanted to be a part of my trip by doing something special for the kids at the orphan home. So last weekend we worked together on a fun game to bring along. We ended up making two sets that break down and fit in my suitcase. I can't wait to teach them how to play. We plan on leaving the sets with them--a little piece of Ohio tradition in Cambodia. 



Cambodia 2012

I will be taking the first half of August to travel and visit with my extended church family in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. For several years, we have supported an amazing organization called Asia's Hope. which was founded by former Element owner and friend, John McCollum back in 2001.

Over these years, we have had the photos of two children, Pay and Soktol on our refrigerator. My kids know about them, we keep them in our prayers, and we talk about them with others who have had the opportunity to go over and meet them face to face. Now it's my turn.

I've never been to a developing third-world country and I'm looking forward to shedding my normal day-to-day routine and comfort and embracing the uncomfortable.

I will be traveling with four friends and I plan to blog my trip here on a daily basis--depending on my internet access.