Slagle Design wins five awards at Creative Best 2017


Last night Slagle Design collected FIVE trophies at CSCA’s annual Creative Best awards. 

Four judges from around the country chose our work as some of the best in Central Ohio in the categories of Identity, Packaging and Print. 

And the winners are: 

Munch Rights: Identity & Packaging Categories (see the work here)

Black Radish Creamery: Identity Category (see the work here)

Capital University Presidential Inauguration Invitation: Print Category (see the work here)

Backroom Coffee Roasters: Packaging Category (see the work here)

(Pictured L to R) Jeremy Slagle, Becky Slagle, Christine Myers, Casey Carmell

(Pictured L to R) Jeremy Slagle, Becky Slagle, Christine Myers, Casey Carmell

The event was one of the best in years — great attendance from the creative community and very well promoted and planned. The evening went off without a hitch. 

Thanks to this year's co-presidents, volunteers and Creative Best planners for their hard work and dedication to the Columbus creative community. 

Slagle Design is proud to be a part of the Columbus creative scene and organizations like CSCA are at the forefront of keeping us so tightly connected. 

Looking forward to what next year brings!


Slagle Design is proud to be part of Camp Click—a photography program for urban youth that provides the resources, education, and mentorship. So far it's off to a great start with the first group of young creatives attending the camp. Campers showed up ready to learn, execute, and create their own shots thanks to Midwest Photo who donated the cameras.

Read more about what Camp Click is all about HERE.

CSCA | Louise Fili

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 4.08.15 PM.png

We can't wait to hear design legend, Louise Fili, speak this Thursday, October 19! Louise is known for her passions for good food, beautiful lettering and classic Italian craftsmanship that have made her “the Envy of Every Designer.” She has been a huge inspiration for Slagle Design over the years.

See you there Columbus creatives!

JOY VENTURE: Chris Bishop on bikes, brews & the things that move you

"I never worked in a bike shop until I owned one. My first day on the job I was reporting to myself. Sometimes we fear what we don't know but forget to celebrate or praise what we do know. There's this really awesome saying: we fail at the margins of our experience. When we do, great. We grew. We don't grow by having a cushy, comfortable life." 

CHRIS BISHOP, Founder, Backroom Coffee Roasters and hop merchant 


Pulling up to Chris's airplane hangar turned "workshop" — where he roasts beans for Backroom Coffee Roasters today — is a much different setting for his business compared to when he was fueling his coffee fix out of the back room of a bike shop, hence the company name.

Chris is far from being stuck in the same gear. He's the kind of guy who has multiple interests and a willingness to pursue them as far as they will go. He's also a guy who avoids getting too comfortable with any venture, knowing that comfort has a way of stunting growth and breeding complacency. 

Chris charts his entrepreneurial path and insatiable desire for discovery, from motor sports to bicycles and from coffee to beer. And he believes in doing the kind of work you're passionate about and can pour yourself into. It's how he has turned his passions into paychecks and immensely enjoyable work.

Chris's story will encourage you to go for it — whatever your "it" might be. 

EduGo 2017 Road to Success Ride

This weekend EduGo held their 3rd annual charity ride: Road to Success Ride100 riders showed up early Saturday morning eager to pedal for a great cause. This year's ride raised over $11,000 bringing EduGo's total to $23,000 for 2017.

This family-friendly cycling event brings together riders of all ages, allowing them to share their love of bikes with orphaned children. EduGo is a volunteer initiative that partners with Asia’s Hope to purchase bicycles and motors for orphaned children in Southeast Asia. All bikes funded through this event help us put kids on the road to success by getting the education they need to achieve a successful future. 

The Road to Success Ride is more than a one-day event. It’s a chance to make a difference in the life of a child that will last a lifetime.

“It's so cool that we can ride bikes in Columbus, Ohio as a way to support and encourage orphans in Southeast Asia! The Road to Success Ride does a superb job of letting the riders know what their entry fee and donations are going towards. It's an honor to be part of such a worthy cause.” —2016 rider

Wake. Shower. Shine.

Looking and feeling fabulous shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

All-natural, Pälish smoothes away roughness, moisturizes deeply, scents skin naturally, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to leave your arms and legs looking like a million bucks.

Heather, the creator of Pälish, looked to Slagle Design to help launch her new business with a memorable and playful brand that could extend to multiple product lines. Delivering a custom wordmark, type, illustrations and bold color palette, Heather was thrilled with the end product.


Creative Partner: Christine Myers, Verb Garden, Inc. writing + strategy

Capital University Presidential Inauguration Campaign

After meeting with Dr. Elizabeth Paul, the new president at Capital University, it was clear a traditional and stuffy approach to her inauguration announcement was not going to fly. 

She shared an aerial photo that shows Capital’s campus with the Columbus downtown skyline off in the distance. She wanted to make sure Capital University’s community was not limited to Bexley, but extends to downtown at the Law School, and the community in between—including lower income urban neighborhoods that lie just outside of Bexley. 

The invitations are designed to illustrate this vision. The buildings depicted in the three nested pieces show Capital University’s Campus, landmark buildings outside of Bexley, and the Columbus Skyline—further reinforcing her vision for the university's engagement with the community.

For the love of cheese!

Slagle Design partnered with John and Anne Reese on the branding of their creamery, Black Radish. The couple have a mutual love of food and passion for science, which are the perfect ingredients for becoming cheese makers. Their fruit butters, jellies, and preserves are packed with flavor and only use the best ingredients—a MUST for your next cheeseboard. Is this making you hungry? Taste their cheese, jams, and sandwiches at their location at the North Market.


Creative Partner: Christine Myers, Verb Garden, Inc. writing + strategy

Looking for the purr-fect sitter?

Need a pet sitter before heading out of town for Labor Day Weekend? Look no furr-ther!

Slagle Design had the opportunity to help Susan Deisher go from being a part-time pet fan, to opening a pet business as her full-time gig. We created a name, brand, and website that helped her grow her business in the direction she wanted. Check them out and schedule a sitter at Sit.Stay.Grow. 

When I first started the business, I sought out a branding expert to help start things right. I was familiar with Jeremy and his work so I contacted him to begin. He helped me “hit the ground running.” The branding has greatly helped my company stand out from the competition and helped to keep our look fresh and professional on the web, in clothing, with stationery, in advertisements and numerous other ways we contact customers and potential clients. The business has grown to feature over 100 clients and 7 independent contractors. Many customers have commented on the gorgeous branding they associate with Sit. Stay. Grow. Thanks to Jeremy and Casey for getting me started with a great brand.
— Susan Deisher, CPPS, Owner, Sit. Stay. Grow.