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To understand who we are and where we are going is to appreciate and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that has guided TU for more than a century. It is a series of risks that got us where we are today — and it is risk that will continue to propel us forward. Our motto, Without Risk There Is No Gain, is one that is more relevant now than ever before. We know there is a hunger for real-world opportunities, which are afforded by higher education, to align with the realities of a modern world of work. There is a desire for affordability, practicality and employability from a college degree that can seem nonexistent or at best, in short supply. 
We are taking calculated risks – from the students and athletes who have something to prove in the classroom and on the field, to the professors we employ who have jobs in their field and personal connections. And to the focused curriculum we offer that points to real-world jobs, and the community we’re building that reflects what the diverse world of work will look like after graduation. We have blazed our own unique path, which means we’re not easily categorized and don’t always fit nicely into a box. And that’s in part because we Challenge Conventional Wisdom. Only by way of example can we be so bold as to inspire you, our students, to join us in embracing this mindset. This is not a rallying cry to ignore wise counsel, confront authority or even disregard best practices. Rather, these are deep-seeded convictions we uphold as true and strive to live out, believing that: EXPECTATIONS CAN BE EXCEEDED. PERSONAL CHALLENGE IS THE BEST KIND OF CHALLENGE. STEREOTYPES CAN BE OVERCOME. GOOD IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH WHEN BETTER IS POSSIBLE AND OUR BEST IS WITHIN REACH. OPPORTUNITY IS HERE FOR THE TAKING — FOR ALL OF US. EACH OF US IS CAPABLE OF INFINITELY MORE. WE ARE, IN FACT, BETTER THAN ADVERTISED SHOULD WE CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IT. Tiffin University has brought the world to its doorstep, flung its doors open wide, and given people from all walks of life the reason to believe that progress resides here, that potential is limitless, and that more opportunity awaits. TU is more than the sum of its parts; it is greater than the promise of a higher education. It is a caring and nurturing crossroads: it represents the intersection of who you’ve been and who you will become. And in due time, every student comes to realize that — without risk, there is no gain.
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